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CW Land Management is here to help with all of your land clearing and lot prep needs! We are a professional land clearing company servicing most of East Texas. We pride ourselves in treating all projects with the care and professionalism to get the job done on time and on budget. Whether you have a small brush removal job or a commercial project we have the equipment and crew ready to tackle the job. We take an unmatched level in pride in our projects and make sure each and every client is happy with the work before we load up for the day. We service all of East Texas!

Below are just a few of Our Services

Forestry Mulching

Home Site Clearing



Underbrush Removal

Pond Building & Maintenance

Benefits of Mulching

Reduces Impact to Landscape

Traditional methods of land clearing make it difficult to selectively clear areas of the property. Mulching, on the other hand, can be done on a plant-by-plant basis. Each tree or shrub in question is mulched at its original spot, reducing the amount of heavy equipment that needs to be brought on-site and preserving the nearby plant life.

Prevents Erosion

Other land clearing services leave large swaths of bare dirt behind after work is completed. During wind and rainstorms, the dirt can wash away, creating an erosion issue on your land. By using forestry mulching to clear your land, you’ll reduce the risk of erosion significantly. The mulch keeps the soil in place while protecting the root systems of ground-cover plants and natural grasses. Over time, this helps keep your property’s drainage in good shape and preserves the health of the environment.

Long-Term Improvement to the Soil

If you’ve ever looked in a garden bed, you’ve probably noticed a layer of mulch spread on top of the soil. This helps slowly give the soil the nutrients it needs to help plants thrive. Forestry mulching accomplishes much the same effect. Once the shrub or tree is mulched, the nutrients from the wood slowly get deposited in the soil. After a while, this enriches the soil while also reducing the risk of mold and fungus damaging still-standing trees.

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